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What's wrong with my 'No'?

‘No Amen don’t touch that’ I called out to my toddler,….’that is ‘efu’ (for it was the stove) and to my surprise she has moved on to the trash can and I carried on the same serious tone and said ‘no that is Kaka’ (word related to dirt)….I thought just having a serious tone will guide my child who is in the discovery mode. Its funny how we want them to grow and learn and yet we hate it when they run around and discover hiding corners and interesting items. What was wrong with my ‘NO’, I am only trying to teach her what is right and acceptable to what it is not and can be harmful.

Posted by Helina at Nov 19, 2013 Category: Other

Is seeing believing or believing is seeing?

I never contemplated questions like this until I switch habits of reading fictions to self enhancing books. I was blown by this question for a while and started testing it. It is so easy to pick the first, right? I threw the question out to a few people and I pretty much got ‘well if I don’t see it how can I believe it?’ OK I agree only if we are talking about incidents or gossip or something that I am told has happened and I need an evidence to believe it. But when it comes to creating something to existence, hey we got to believe it before we see it physically. It is funny how we tend to apply it to some things and fail on others….especially the things that are near and dear to our hearts, we struggle to believe before seeing or perhaps a more better way of expressing it is, we don’t stay patience enough to see it come true. Wikipedia compares the two ideologies, faith and rationality so well..

Posted by Helina at Oct 11, 2013 Category: Other
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Are we really BUSY or are we busy saying we are busy?


There is an expression in my language (Amharic) ‘Be eje yeyazut work ende medab yekoterar’ meaning to say in general we take what we have in hand for granted. We underestimate the value of the gold we have and handle it like a simple metal. We can apply this to many precious things in life example family and friends, our job etc. We tend to realize its value, in most cases, when we no longer have it or have them around us. I do argue though one precious common entity we all handle so lightly is time.


Posted by Helina at Sep 23, 2013 Category: Other
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Pay attention

A plant is a soft thing. If it makes a mistake it doesn’t die, it believes in itself and learns from its mistake and moves on with life. And that is what us humans should do. Learn from our mistakes. So let us do what we are meant to do in this world.

-Abigail Tesfaye


Do you know the author who wrote the above quote? Not yet, but believe me you will soon enough.

Posted by Helina at Jun 20, 2013 Category: Other
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Balance is what we need

Do you remember an Amharic book called 'Eyesaku malekese' [Which translates to ‘Laughing while crying’]? I have a vivid picture of a man, half face smiling and half, sad with a tear drop on the cover. This was when I was a child and I never got to read the content but the picture and title stayed with me. It’s only now that I am making sense of it. Life is like that.....those opposite emotions co-exist and we are meant to accept and experience them smiling; smiling with laughter and smiling with tears!!!!!!



Posted by Helina at Feb 22, 2013 Category: Motivation
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